Grammy Week 2019

MusicFuze Concert

Kulak's Woodshed

February 7th, 2019











 The 2019 Soiree Party

The Roxy Theater - Hollywood,CA


The Roxy - Alex Otey

 Alex Otey and Suzanne Grzanna


The Soiree 2019 - Music photo

Monty Guy, Sonya Hensley, Suzanne Grzanna, and Alex Otey












Filming of Fearless Lovers

Featuring Kim Cameron & Suzanne Grzanna

Miami, FL

 Miami 2018 - 5



 Miami 2018 - 4


 Miami 2018 - 2









Indie Music Channel Awards 2018 

Performed Spring Waltz

Composed by Donald E. Grzanna

Photo by Gary Apodaca

Hard Rock Cafe - Hollywood, CA




 IMC Awards 2018 - Rob Mullins

Suzanne Grzanna, Tania Stavreva, and Rob Mullins 


 IMC Awards 2018-stage




IMC Awards 2018 - stage-2












 Grammy Week 2018

Performance at Feinstein's - 54 Below 

New York City



Feinsteins-sax - Ciro



Suzanne Grzanna and Natalie Jean


Alex Otey - Piano, Suzanne Grzanna - Saxophone, Natalie Jean - Vocalist, Derrick Spears - Vocals & Drums


Feinsteins - ciro - 2













2017 Performance at The Bitter End

New York City

(With Natalie Jean and Lynn Yew Evers)










The White House 

National Day of Prayer - 2017

Washington D.C.

Performance with David Longoria

"We Are One"





2017 Grammy Week

Indie Collaborative

Kulak's Woodshed

Hollywood, CA


2017 Kulaks -9

Alex Otey - Piano, Suzanne Grzanna - Saxophone 

Photo Credit - Ciro Hurtado



2017 Kulaks -4 









2017 Performance at The Soiree Party

El Ray Theater - Los Angeles, CA

Robert Slap - Guitar and Vocals

Bray Ghignai - Guitar and Flute

Suzanne Grzanna - Saxophone














Milwaukee, WI